Terms & Conditions

The UCI (Unique Candidate Identifier) consists of twelve digits and a letter, it is given to all candidates taking GCSE, IGCSEs or Alevels for the first time. If you have already sat examinations at another centre, you will have an UCI attached to your name. In order for the exam boards to put all of the examination marks together, candidates must inform us of their UCI when making examination entries. If you have not sat any examinations before, you will not have a UCI and therefore will be assigned a new one which will appear on your Statement of Entry along with a Candidate Number and our School’s Centre Number.
If you have been given additional time due to special Circumstances, you must inform AEC Tutors at the time of registration along with all supporting documentation.

Unit Codes for each subject can be found in the syllabus along with the course name. Please ensure this information is correct as many of the codes are similar and AEC Tutors cannot be held responsible for mistakes made on the registration form. Please clearly indicate the paper choices for each subject that the candidate wishes to be entered for. Any units or components consisting of Practicals, coursework or field work will not be conducted by AEC Tutors, candidates are required to make arrangements for this. If AEC Tutors has to make these arrangements or is instructed to do so by the candidate AEC Tutors will apply all charges to the candidate in full for the external schools/centres/teachers fees.

Supplementary fees
Candidates must submit their entries (and registrations) in an accurate and timely way, to ensure that AEC Tutors is able to provide correct examination and assessment materials and issue examination results on time. AEC Tutors actively encourages candidates to submit their entries on time to avoid incurring additional cost and to allow sufficient time for centres' own self-review.

Entry Deadlines for all qualifications are detailed below, along with dates from which Late Fees and Very Late Fees will apply. The table below provides key information on entry terminology:

Candidate is correctly entered with appropriate personal details, qualification entry code and subject/unit entry code information (and Cash-In code where applicable) and entry complies with the related entry rules. A submission that does not have the appropriate information included and that does not comply with the entry rules is incorrect and will be rejected.

Entry Deadline
The final date that entries can be received and processed by AEC Tutors without incurring additional charges.

Entry Fee
The Entry Fee indicated for the specific qualification or unit.

Late Fee Date
The date from which all entries and amendments will incur a Late Fee charge. The Late Fee is equivalent to 2 times the Entry Fee for that qualification (or unit).

Very Late Fee Date
The date from which all entries and amendments will incur a Very Late Fee charge. The Very Late Fee is equivalent to 3 times the Entry Fee for that qualification (or unit).

For final entry dates please refer to the entries handbook.
* In exceptional circumstances late entry will be allowed and a late fee payable.
Candidates should be aware that AEC Tutors may refuse late and very late entries for some qualifications if there is a risk to the integrity and security of the examination or assessment in the processing of timely results.
The candidate will be charged a fee equivalent to the Late Fee or Very Late Fee (less the standard fee already paid), depending on when the late amendment is made. For example, an amendment made on 24th October to the tier or subject of an entry for a November series GCSE, this would be deemed a Late Entry and would generate an additional standard entry fee charge. Similarly, if an amendment was made as late as 1st November, this would be deemed a Very Late Entry and would generate an additional amendment fee equivalent to one and half times the standard entry fee.
Chargeable Amendments

AEC Tutors can change the personal details for candidates entered for exam qualifications up to the Certificate Printing Deadlines, at an additional charge of £36 + VAT.

If candidate personal details are amended after the Certificate Printing Deadlines, a charge will be applied, to reflect the additional time and materials required to issue a revised certificate. Please note that personal details may only be entered via this route up to 12 months after certificate issue. If candidates wish to amend personal details after this date, they will need to follow the replacement certificate process.

If a candidate submits a qualification or unit change (amendment) a charge will be applied.

Late Cash-In (Aggregation) Fee Where required, candidates should include the appropriate Cash-In code for a qualification when submitting their entries to AEC Tutors. If a Cash-In code is subsequently submitted by the Amendment or after the Amendment Date, then a fee will be applied.
Please note that Cash-In codes need to be applied to some subjects in the following Qualifications:
•A-Level (GCE)
•Functional Skills
•Entry Pathways
•Level 1 / 2 and Level 3

•New: Essential Skills qualifications Transfer of Candidates Where a candidate is entered for an examination at one centre and then needs to take the examination at an alternative UK or Non-UK centre*, a fee will be applied. Entry Withdrawal If AEC Tutors withdraw a candidate, subject or unit after the amendment date, in most cases the entry fee will not be refunded. Please note after the first deadline candidates cannot receive any refunds for any absences or withdrawals of exams any reasons. Candidates may withdraw their exam registration before the first deadline of the exam entry; however this will include a deduction of £36 per unit for A-Level exam/s and per unit for GCSE subject/s. Where a candidate is unable to sit an examination due to ill health, AEC Tutors will communicate this formally to the examination board within 2 weeks of the examination date (along with an accompanying medical certificate), AEC Tutors may refund the candidate entry fee but will deduct the administration fees of £36 plus any cost incurred by the examination board & bank charges for bank trnasfers. Eligibility for refund will be considered on a case by case basis. Please note any withdrawal from Exams after the date of very very late entries will not be refunded, candidates will be charged the full price of the exam/s for withdrawing.In situations where candidates are bereaved or deceased prior to an examination sitting, the candidate or an immediate family member of the candidate should provide a formal letter communicating this to AEC Tutors.


AEC Tutors is a registered to conduct exams with all the main exam boards, AEC Tutors do not conduct Practical assessments, coursework or field work. Students are required to make their own arrangements for Practicals, coursework and fieldwork. AEC Tutors takes no responsibility for Practicals, coursework and fieldwork as this will not be conducted with AEC Tutors.

All correspondence relating to the above should be sent to:
221A High Street North, London, UK,E6 1JG.                                                   e-mail: info@aectutors.co.uk                                                            

Company Registration number: 07977644                                                     VAT number: 326 570 795

If you have any further enquiries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the exam officer.

GCSE Component Re-Marking
Requests will be accepted for the re-marking of individual components of the following GCSE qualifications. The fee per component will be half the total subject fee. Please indicate very clearly the component for which the enquiry is made.
0155 Film Studies 4250 Geology
4080 Business Studies 4370 Mathematics

Once the registration form is completed, calculate the total payment needed for examination and pay in full to the exams officer. When your registration and payment has been processed, a Statement of Entry will be e-mailed to you, please carefully look over this to check for any errors made and notify the exam officer at AEC Tutors as soon as possible. For your convenience, an individual examination timetable will also be given to the candidate. If the Candidate is registered for two examinations timetables for the same time on the same day, the candidate will take one examination after the other, with a short break in between supervised by centre staff.
Please note, for all examinations taken at AEC Tutors, Candidates must bring their Statement of Entry and photo identification (passport/ driver’s license) and give it to the invigilator present.
Please note that there will be no refund of entry fees in the event of subsequent cancellation. In order for us to process your application, please ensure you have included the following

One passport size photographs
Identification; passport or driver’s license
Proof of home address; utility bill (clearly displaying name and address)
Full payment

Please make sure you keep all correspondence from AEC Tutors in a safe place.

Data Protection Act:

a law designed to protect personal data
The purpose of the Data Protection Act
The 1998 Data Protection Act was passed by Parliament to control the way
information is handled and to give legal rights to people who have information stored
about them.
The principles of data protection

AEC Tutors will ensure that your data is:
• Fairly and lawfully processed
• Processed only for limited, specifically stated purposes
• Used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive
• Used accurately
• Kept on file no longer than absolutely necessary
• Processed in accordance with your legal rights
• Kept secure
• Never transferred outside the UK without adequate protection

Declaration of Consent.
I consent to the processing of my personal data and my child’s personal data, including sensitive data, as described above.