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Why AEC Tutors Science Practical Exams?

At AEC Tutors we are passionate about science education. Our goal is to get every student acing their science practical’s and taking control of their future. By choosing AEC Tutors, you’ll get full access to the required AQA, GCSE combined science and A level science practical exams. You’ll take them at one of our private exam centres, ensuring you’re fully prepared and free from distractions. 

Our professional and friendly invigilators will make sure you’ve got everything you need to complete your GSCE or A level science practical’s. All you’ll need to worry about is showing off your best skills.   

AQA GSCE and A level Science Practical’s 

AQA are the long-standing UK exam body for GCSE and A level qualifications. By taking your AQA science practical exam with AEC Tutors, you can rest assured you’ll be achieving the highest and most recognised standards required by Universities and workplaces in the UK. When you arrive at AEC Tutor’s private exam centre in Liverpool, you’ll be set up at a lab station that’ll be equipped with all the apparatus you need to complete your practical assessment. With no distractions and a team of professional exam invigilators, AEC will ensure both your comfort and safety. Allowing you to ace your science practical’s.

Why Do I need to Take My Science Practical Exams?

The AQA science practical exams at AEC Tutors will make up a proportion of your overall combined GCSE or A level science results. It’s a requirement for anyone wanting to take the next step in science education, either at college or University. We are passionate about our students reach their education goals — so we’ll do all we can to help you get there. 

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What exams can I take at AEC Tutors’ private exam centre in London?

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“AEC Tutors has helped me to improve greatly in Maths, almost by two whole grades. I have also gained a lot of confidence within the subject and so feel better at applying my knowledge to past paper questions. I am also able to explain my working to Maths problems.”
“It has helped me in my learning in maths. I have improved and am working much better at Maths. My grades have improved.”
“The work given helped me understand what I don’t know. I really like the amount of homework given as it allows me to concentrate on maths, and saves time. Doing corrections in class helps me as it showed me how to work it out.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the AQA science practical exam? 
The length of your practical exam will differ depending on the level you’re sitting —GCSE or A level. 

Who can take the AQA science practical exam?
We offer science practical exams for GCSE and A level students. These are private exams, so they’re open to anyone who hasn’t yet passed them through public education.

For mature students wishing to study a related subject at University, the A level science practical will help you reach your education goals. 

How do I pay for my science practical exam? 
You can securely pay for your science practical exam by cash (in our centre), cheque or bank transfer. We will ask for payment before you sit your exam. 

Where is the AEC Tutors science practical exam centre? 
AEC Tutors use the state-of-the-art science laboratory exam centre at Bio Grad in Liverpool. Based at the Liverpool Science Park, you’ll get hands on with modern equipment used by master scientists, medical students and researchers. Located at: BioGrad Limited, Liverpool Science Park, 131 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 5TF

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How I enrol in my science practical exam? 

Now that you’ve decided to sit an exam at AEC Tutors private science practical exam centre, it’s easy to reserve your spot.

Simply complete our registration form and email us a copy at, or alternatively drop it into us at our exam centre in London located at 221A High Street North, East Ham, London, E6 1JG, UK.
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