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AEC Tutors private English exam centre London

Welcome to the online home of the AEC Tutors English exam centre in London.

AEC Tutors are an expert group of teachers with years of experience in exam preparation. We are passionate about both preparing students for exam success, and helping them learn how to learn.

We offer full support for English exams of all levels at our easily accessible London location, as well as providing a convenient place to take your tests.

Why is English important?

As the world’s international language, English is an essential for anyone who wants to succeed. English exams are a great way to showcase your capabilities and advance along your chosen path.

English GCSE qualifications are a requirement for many jobs and all further studies, while English A-Levels are useful for advancing careers and continuing with further studies.

AEC Tutors are also experienced IELTS teachers, and we can help you get the English comprehension qualifications you need to study, work and live in the UK as a foreigner. If you’re not a native English speaker, an IELTS qualification is essential for pursuing a career or further study in the UK. Succeeding in English exams is a great way to show your comprehension and communication capabilities.

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How AEC Tutors helped Iqraa Shahbaz successfully achieve her maths grades
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What exams can I take at AEC Tutors’ private exam centre in London?

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Functional Skills
“AEC Tutors has helped me to improve greatly in Maths, almost by two whole grades. I have also gained a lot of confidence within the subject and so feel better at applying my knowledge to past paper questions. I am also able to explain my working to Maths problems.”
“It has helped me in my learning in maths. I have improved and am working much better at Maths. My grades have improved.”
“The work given helped me understand what I don’t know. I really like the amount of homework given as it allows me to concentrate on maths, and saves time. Doing corrections in class helps me as it showed me how to work it out.”

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I take my English exam?
We offer GCSE English exams twice a year: firstly throughout May & June and then again throughout November & December. We offer A-Level English exams and IELTS tests throughout the year at our private exam centre in London.

Whether you want to prepare for your exam with us, or just take it at our private exam centre, the best course of action is to get in touch.
How do I enrol to take my English exam?
Once you decide to take your English exam with with AEC Tutors at our private exam centre in London, it’s a quick and simple process to enrol.

Simply complete our registration form and email it to us at Alternatively, you can post it or drop it with us at our private exam centre in London, located at 221A High Street North, East Ham, London, E16 1JG, UK.

How should I prepare for my English exam?
Every English exam candidate needs their own personalised study plan, and you’re no different. It depends on which exam you’re taking and what your level is. Some are comfortable with English and only need a refresher before taking their test, whilst others need a more intensive preparation in order to be ready. Whatever your needs are, AEC Tutors can provide you with a personalised preparation plan to help you achieve your best possible results. We have extensive experience with English exam preparation, and can provide you with everything you need to succeed and continue on your chosen path.

How do I enrol in an examination?
Now that you’ve decided to sit an exam at AEC Tutors private exam centre in London, it’s easy to reserve your spot. Simply complete our registration form and email us a copy at, or alternatively drop it into us at our exam centre in London located at 221A High Street North, East Ham, London, E6 1JG, UK.

How should I prepare for my exam?
Every person who takes an exam in our private centre has their own goals and will require a personalised study plan.

While some test-takers simply need to remind themselves of courses they have already studied, for others, the course work is new and so they may require more time or additional support.

AEC Tutors is an experienced group of teachers who believe in the positive influence of a guiding hand. Many of our test-takers choose to enrol with AEC Tutors to get the support and guidance they need to prepare for their exams but, this is not a requirement to sit your exam in our centre.

Where is AEC Tutors exam centre
Our exam centre is located at 221A High Street North, East Ham, London, E6 1JG, UK, a short walk to the East Ham underground station.How much does it cost to sit an exam in a private centre?How do I pay for my exam?

How should I prepare for my exam?
AEC Tutors’ private exam centre is a low-cost way to get essential qualifications to move your career forward. Prices vary depending on the type of examination you want to take. You’ll find a price list for most of the exams offered in our private exam centre in London here.How do I pay for my exam?

How should I prepare for my exam?
We offer a range of secure payment options including personal cheque, cash payment (in our centre) or bank transfer. We require full payment before we can register you with the examination boards.

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